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The short Engelsholm Route - Panorama Route 2

The short Engelsholm Route, Panorama Route 2, is a local cycle route that takes you past Engelsholm Castle, the beautiful nature in Randbøldal and Nørup Church with the beautiful spire. The tour is approx. 18.5 km.

The short Engelsholm Route (Den lille Engelsholmrute) is a local cycle route that takes you past the Renaissance Engelsholm Castle, through the beautiful nature of the valley of Randbøldal and past Nørup Church with its unique spire. The route is approx. 18.5 km. It takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes to cycle the route.

The short Engelsholm Route begins on the hill climbs of Rodalvej before the tour takes you to St. Lihme and Ny Nørup. Here, the Nørup Mejeri dairy sells excellent cheeses for your picnic that can be enjoyed by Engelsholm Castle or by the castle lake. The castle’s distinctive onion domes are also replicated on Nørup Church, which you encounter on the other side of the castle lake. From here, the tour continues towards the forest of Gødding Skov and along the Ancient Road (Hærvejen) to Randbøl, where you turn down towards Randbøldal where the tour draws to an end.

The short Engelsholm Route is a tour suggestion and is not signposted. The panoramic route offers scenic views as well as small hidden places that invite calm, mindfulness and reflection.

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