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"Sikringsstilling Nord" camouflaged as grave mounds

Remnants from the First World War.

Are you interested in the First World War and the remnants from it? The we recommend a visit to "Sikringsstilling Nord". It is a fortification line built by the German military during the First World War, meant to be used as a defense from attacks from the North.
The area around the elevatede plateau near Pothøj has many grave mounds from the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. The Germans made use of this when constructing the "Sikringsstilling Nord" battery during World War 1. Several bunkers were constructed here, camouflaged as large Bronze Age mounds.

After the reunion between Southern Jutland and Denmark in 2020, most of the bunkers where blown up, however, a few have been preserved and "Sikringsstilling Nord" is one of them.