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Silkeborg Guides

The Silkeborg Guides offers guided Tours in Silkeborg and in the surrounding Area.

If you are planning a trip to Silkeborg with family, friends, work colleagues or if you are planning an excursion for an organization, book a tour with Silkeborg Guides. Silkeborg Guides arrange tours all through the year, and you can book a tour at any time that suits your schedule.

City Tour

Silkeborg Guides can arrange a standard tour of Silkeborg that covers central parts of the town. During the tour you will learn about the history and development of Silkeborg, how Michael Drewsen established the paper mill which became the beginnings of Silkeborg in addition to seeing the art nouveau architecture of Anton Rosen and learning about Jutland Bank (Jyske Bank) to mention some of the contents.

Special Tours

You can also book a special tour focusing on a particular topic or person which could be one of the following:

  • The Paper Mill
  • Silkeborg as a spa centre
  • The works of architect Anton Rosen
  • Asger Jorn and Silkeborg
  • A boat trip on one of the Hjejle Fleet boats
  • A bus tour in and around Silkeborg

Endless possibilities

Please inform them of your preferences and they can match you with the guide most experienced in your wishes. If you are more than twenty people you should book two guides (this does not apply to bus tours). That will provide the best experience for everybody. There are many possibilities.

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