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Silkeborg Langsø

Silkeborg Langsø is an oasis in the heart of Silkeborg town. The lake is surrounded by the city, lush forests and beautiful villas with gardens right down to the water. It's a popular place for those who want to combine great water activities with the many offers and vibrant atmosphere of city life.

Scenic hiking routes

The Gudenåen and Lysåen rivers wind through the idyllic landscape around Silkeborg Langsø, and there are countless opportunities to explore the area on foot. Take a relaxing walk along the lakeshore and let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful sight of the water and the surrounding nature.

Swimming experiences at the water's edge

Looking for a refreshing dip? Then Silkeborg Langsø is the perfect place! You can enjoy a refreshing swim at either Silkeborg Sø Camping or Sølystparken, where you'll find inviting bathing areas for fun and relaxation by the water.

Stand-up paddle

Are you looking for a pleasant and relaxing experience on the water? Then Silkeborg Langsø is the perfect place for you! Both the lake and the area offer fantastic facilities and beautiful nature for a trip on the SUP board. Enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the surroundings as you glide quietly through the clear water.
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Activities for everyone

Whether you're into hiking, relaxing by the water or just want to enjoy the beautiful nature, Silkeborg Langsø has something for everyone. Bring your family or friends and create unforgettable memories in this scenic area in the centre of Silkeborg.

Practical information

Silkeborg Langsø is easy to reach by public transport or car, and there are plenty of parking options nearby. Bring a picnic or enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the nearby cafés. Whatever you choose, Silkeborg Langsø is the perfect place to spend a day in the beautiful natural surroundings in the centre of the city.

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