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Skåde Forest

Skåde Forest is the largest of the Marselisborg Forests. It starts at Hørhaven and continues towards the sea, where it is cut through by the Djævlekløften (Devil's Gab).

The forest is one of the most beautiful forests we have in Denmark and are used daily by the citizens in Aarhus. Skåde Forest is perfect for a trip to the nature, where you can either run, walk or ride a bike. 

Find the perfect view

A bridge across the gab leads to the Havbakkestien and to the southside of the gab, called Fruens Bænk, where you find a good view. Here it is possible to see all along the coastline of the Aarhus Bay from Kalø Vig, Mols and Helgenæs, to Samsø way out in the horizon. Here you will also find the camping space the Blommehaven, belonging to the municipality.

Further south down the Havbakkestien, Restaurant Ørnereden was situated before it burned down in the 1980s. A reconstructed building is now being used as a kiosk and further facilities for family picnics are being planned.
At the Blommehaven a path is leading from the westside of the road up to Gyvelhøj, one of many viewpoints in the area. In the middle of the forest, on the top of a hill, you can see a collection of 24 large stones.
They are forming an irregular oval in memory of the forces of the Glacial Age that brought these stones along with the moraine material, which created the enormous hills in the forests.

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