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Skanderborg Swimmingpool

The swimming bath has events for both disabled, pregnant women, children, birthdays, families, seniors and members of the swimming club.

Swimming baths facilities

  • A kiosk which is open during the official opening hours. At the kiosk you can buy coffee, tea, juice, soda and candy.
  • A sauna, which of course is separate men's and women's section. The temperature in our comfortable sauna is approximately 90 celsius degrees.
  • A spa bath that provides wellness for body and soul. The spa is 40 celsius degrees, has a waterfall for water supply and cold-and hot-water faucet.
  • Steam bath with an air temperature of 45 celsius degrees and a humidity of 90-100%.
  • Solarium it is not necessary to book an appointment, as there are 2 sun beds on site.
  • Gym, Sports and Fitness is the name of the gym at Skanderborg Swimming bath, see more on their website (in Danish): www.sportogfitness.dk / Centre / Hojvangen


At Skanderborg swimming baths the lockers can be locked with a padlock, and you decide whether you want to bring your own, or  buy or rent one at the kiosk (only possible during opening hours).

NB: Swimming Monday and Thursday from 20.00 to 22.00 is only for adults, who has turned 16 and only lap-swimming.

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