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Skate park at the school in Skørping

This skate park, also known as SSP or Skørping Skate Park, is a 380 m2 concrete skate park with a flow bowl and a small street area.

The park may be used with skateboards, stunt scooters, roller skates, and BMX without pegs.

The skate park is reserved for the school, after school care and children from the club on weekdays between 8:00 and 17:00.

The rules during school hours are as following:

Helmet must be worn.

Knee-, elbow-, and wrist protectors is highly recommended.

No drinking or smoking at the park.

Keep a distance to the edge of the park, and make room for the other users.

Do not stand with the stunt scooter over the edge while you wait for your turn.

It is prohibited to use wax at this skate park.


The rules after school hours:

The use of the skate park at one’s own risk. Accidents are covered by your own insurance.

Use of helmet and protection gear is recommended.

Smoking and drinking is not recommend in the presence of children and young people.

Keep the park clean and use the trashcans.

It is prohibited to use wax at this skate park.