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Skillingbro Limestone Quarry

Hidden between route 180 and the old main road which passes by Rold Skov is the Skillingbro Limestone Quarry. From a small parking place, a small path takes you to the limestone quarry, which can be dated to more than a hundred years ago.

You can experience even an older history if you start looking for some of the 60 million year old fossils hidden in the limestone layer from the beginning of the tertiary period. It is mostly small fossils such as corals, crinoids, brachiopods, mussels, and moss animals. Other fossils such as sea urchin and shark teeth are also highly desirable but are rarely found.

At the limestone, beautiful and rare flowers, which grow in the chalky soil. Along with the flowers, and the sheltered oasis, comes many insects such as butterflies.

Skillingbro limestone quarry is, thus, a wonderful place to experience history and nature.