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Skjern Birk Plantage

Come and explore Skjern Birk Plantage which spans across a whole 46 hectares of land and offers no shortage of walking, riding and cycling trails. The plantation is also home to Sortedams Sø which is a small lake with picnic tables.

The yellow route is a 1.6 km cycling and walking trail and the shortest route in the plantation. If you’ve got a horse in tow, then opt for the blue route instead which is 2.3 km in length. The red route is a 2.6 km trail for cyclists and walkers which goes through the plantation and takes you by the hammock hut. This is a quaint little cabin with space for multiple hammocks inside, plus there are multiple posts outside where you can also string up your hammock and relax. The area also offers picnic tables, barbecue spots, toilet facilities and water. So feel free to stop here for a rest or bring along your hammock and spend the night. You can book the cabin here.

If you want a slightly longer option, you can opt for the Hjertestien (Heart Trail) which is 3.3 km in length and takes you through Skjern Birk Plantage and into a build-up area. The terrain is a bit hilly and there is rich birdlife around. There is also a playground and the trail can be accessed all year round as it is cleared of snow. Hjertestien is suitable for walking, running, cycling and prams.

If you would like something a bit more interactive and adventurous, then go for the purple discovery route. Completing the entire trail will add 3 km to your pedometer. It takes you through the entire plantation and boasts a whole 19 different discovery stops where you will find different activities for all the family. If you’re looking for a tranquil route that combines both nature and art, then this is the path for you as it is dotted with artworks created by local artists. But it’s also suitable for those after something a bit more active that will give the kids a chance to burn off some energy. Simply set aside some time for the Tarzan course, the climbing tree, the rope swing or one of the three stops with workout exercises. If your child is getting ready to give up their dummy, then why not say goodbye to it at the dummy tree?

The discovery route is made up of the following stops

  1. Information about Skjern Brik Plantage
  2. Artist Linda Stampe
  3. Artist Jannie Nyegaard
  4. Workout exercises
  5. Dummy tree
  6. Display grid
  7. Cave town and display grid
  8. Workout exercises
  9. Tarzan course
  10. Artist Svend Aage Steffens
  11. Climbing tree
  12. Rope swing
  13. Artist FLGrafix
  14. Gallows hill
  15. Watering hole
  16. Workout exercises
  17. Anthill
  18. Insect grove
  19. Lookout tower

All nineteen stops have QR codes which you can scan for inspiration, information or snippets of local history.