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Skovens Kirke Kulhuse

The first church was built in 1897 by the Jægerspris Foundation's architect, Martin Borch.

Inside, the church was decorated by the artist Joakim Skovgård.

The church burned down in 1982, leaving only the demolished church bell, the baptismal and the altar silver.

It is now restored in its original style, which is a mixture of Jugend, Gothic, Romanian and Baroque.

After the fire, the congregation received local customers to decorate the church.

The forest church is a road church: in the summer seasons week days, the doors are open at. 8-16, during the winter and outside working hours, please contact the sexton / church servers on mobile: 30329071.

In addition, it is open in connection with service of worship, see www.skovenkirke.dk

Photographer: Jens Kinkel