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Skuldelev Ås

Skuldelev Ås is the best preserved ridge, and a large portion of the approximately 4 km is publicly available.

Reccommended walk directions

1.5 km south of Skuldelev turn left onto "Kildeskåret". From the parking area, you can start your lovely walk over the ridge. On the right, by the entrance to the large grassy area features a primitive staircase up the slope, and then walk north along the path.

There are fences along the path to protect the deer wildlife; please show respect both for animals and plants. When you reach Torpevej after approximately 2 km, go right and follow the road to Torp Ladegård, which is an impressive building in the Italian style architecture with copper roofs.
The area is private, but the view from the road is worth the trip.

On arriving back at Kildeskåret just go left into the area known locally as the Gravelpit (Grusgraven). An interesting piece of nature with a very deep lake formed after the gravel pit and the ridge was protected.

The area is a real playground for the children and adults, and frequently used by locals during the summer.
It is allowed to set up a tent for the night in the public area. You can find shelter and fireplace between the lakes. Don't forget your fishing gear, because fishing is allowed in the lakes. On the opposite side of road there is a small stone-lined well with Sankt Olavs Kilde, which in medieval times was greatly visited for its healing waters, especially during Midsummer.

Download a walking map of the area