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Hidden away from busy streets, hustle and bustle, you will find Skydebanehaven; a combined park and playground, which is perfect for fun and games.

In the middle of Istedgade you will see a 20 meter tall and 70 meter wide brick wall that stems from 1887. The wall was originally built to protect people from the bullets from the shooting range that was located there at the time.

However, today you won't discover a shooting range, but a green oasis and a big playground where your children can play safely. 

Toddler's pool

When the sun hits Vesterbro, Skydebanehaven is a popular place to hang out for locals and their little ones. The park has a toddler's pool which is open on hot summer days.

The toddler's pool has benches along the pool, where parents can kick back and relax while the children are playing. 

Staffed playground

Skydebanehaven is one of Copenhagen's staffed playgrounds. The staff won't look after the children, but they will arrange activities such as sports tournaments, treasure hunts and more.

The playground also offers little bicycles, gocarts and scooters for the children to use as long as they put them back after use. 


You are not allowed to bring dogs, cats, glass bottles or bicycles.