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Smagen af Fur - "Local specialties from Fur"

The Taste of Fur (Smagen af Fur) makes ingredients from the garden and the nature into local specialties.

The Taste of Fur

There is no need to get your ingredients from across the country, when you can find a huge Nordic pantry just outside our door. You can find delicious ingredients in the nature on this island, Fur – both in the nature and in the islander’s garden. They use barriers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and seed. Sometimes they are contacted by people who give or suggest new ingredients from the nature – which they love, as they enjoy trying new recipes and ingredients.

The core of this business is pure ingredients from the season and to promote a sustainable food production.

The selection of products is sold at the Tourist Office at Fur together with a few selected dealers at Fur. 

For more information

You can read more about The Taste of Fur (Smagen af Fur) on their facebook page (Danish): Smagen af Fur