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Søby Church

Søby Church is located in northern Ærø.

Søby Church
Søby Church dates back to 1745. Before that time, people went to Bregninge Church.

In 1870, Professor Jørgen Roed painted the altarpiece that shows Christ on the Cross and the Virgin Mary kneeling. The Pietá painting (Virgin Mary with the dead Christ) was painted by Magdalene Hammerich in 1917 and donated by her brother Gunnar Hammerich, the sculptor, in connection with the main restoration in 1978.

In the simple church room, the azure board ceiling and the corn-yellow benches resemble the surrounding landscape. Organ, 10 stops, Frobenius, 1984.

All Ærø's churches (except Ommel) are open all year at 8.00-16.00, except when church acts take place.