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Søholt Baroque Garden

Visit one of the country’s oldest preserved baroque gardens at Søholt Estate. The garden was laid out in the 1690s with geometric patterns such as circles, squares and straight lines.

The grandiose garden was landscaped according to the French Baroque style of the time, as seen at Versailles, with narrow lanes and paths enclosed by hedges in geometric patterns.

The Baroque Garden was situated in the middle of Søholt’s then three-winged main building, so the garden was connected symmetrically and in straight lines with the main house.

Today, the garden is located to the east of what is now Søholt manor, and have been faithfully restored and rendered manageable in terms of maintenance.

The garden includes fountains, an orchard and tall grass with mowed paths. Two rows of hedges surround a circle where there are magnolias, Siberian crab apples, amelanchiers and Japanese cherry trees – a space that blossoms in white and pink in spring, and red, yellow and orange in autumn.

Visit the garden
The Baroque Garden is open to visitors between 9am and 5pm.

Parking can be accessed to the east of the garden via Søholtvej, 4930 Maribo.