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Sønderborg Knitting Festival

Are you into knitting and yarn in long runs? Stop by Sønderborg and take part in workshops and lectures, go shopping in the stands and make your self at home with other knitting enthusiasts at one of our knitting spots.

The association Garn uden Grænser will hold the Sønderborg Knitting Festival on 14 to 16 June 2024.

Friday starts with lectures and courses in Danish with events from 3-6 pm, 3.30-6.30 pm and 7-10 pm.

Saturday starts with courses and workshops in Danish from 9-12 and 14-17 and open stalls from 10-17.

Sunday starts with courses and workshops in Danish from 9-12 and 13-16 and open stalls from 10-16.

The festival takes place in the centre of Sønderborg town:

Multikulturhuset, Nørre Havnegade 15, (festival office, lectures, workshops and exhibition)
Sønderborg Kaserne, Gerlachsgade 2 (lectures, workshops, stalls and knitting spot)
Frivillighedens Hus, Perlegade 50 (knitting spot)
Sønderborghus, Martin Nyrops Plads 2 (stands and knitting spot).

The festival takes place in Sønderborg city: at the Barracks, in the Multikulturhuset, in Frivillighedens Hus and at Sønderborghus.

It is thus an urban festival that can be seen and felt in the city centre.

The content of the knitting festival is workshops, lectures, stands and knitting spots.

Lectures and workshops - held with "top shelf" knitting professionals.

The stands have quality content that can inspire both experienced and less experienced knitters.

Who are the guests at Sønderborg Knitting Festival - Garn uden Grænser?

It is the members of the association, other local knitters who have heard of Garn uden Grænser, the curious knitters who have either heard of Garn uden Grænser, or will hear about Garn uden Grænser - and not least knitters from the rest of Denmark and from the Flensburg area, who come to experience Sønderborg Knitting Festival's quality range of workshops, lectures and stands.