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Sørig Kirke (Church)

The church in Sørig is a part of Sørig-Bindslev parish and is a very beautiful church with a spire of 22 meters height.

The church in Sørig was established in 1901 and was a branch of the church in Tversted and was drawn by Vilhelm Ahlmann. In the middle of the 1800 the population of Sørig started to grow in the area of Tversted Rimmer and Sørig bog. The roads were in bad condition and the long road to Tversted seemed impossible for the residents of Sørig and therefore the idea of an individual church in Sørig started to grow. The state agreed to build a church in Sørig and gave 18.500 DKK. for the project as long as the residence could collect 2000 DKK for maintenance.

The church is located 10 km. outside of Tversted and approximately. 24 km. outside of Hirtshals and is a part of Northern Hjørring deanery. The church opened on October 1st in 1901 and since then the church has gone through two renovations. The first renovation was in 1956 where the glass mosaic, created by Palle Bruun, was placed. In 1981 the church was painted in clear colors, which can be seen today.

The church is made of red bricks and has a long spire where the bells hang. In the church the choir and nave are connected. The baptismal font is of bronze and is a sculpture of a kneeling angel with a font created as a clam.

The church has 26 pews with room for approximately 6 people, and therefore there is room for 156.

The church ship hangs in the aisle and is a model of training ship, Georg Stage, and is created by the previous sailor Karl Henriksen from Nørresundby. The ship was placed in the church in 1982.

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