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Søster Is

High quality ice cream with free guf (meringue topping)

Pop into Søster Is on Jomfrustien

Once upon a time there was a family who had a passion for ice cream and desserts. This family opened an ice cream parlour in central Haderslev.

Søster Is offers home-made ice cream (also to take home), coffee and cookies. Søster Is always has at least two sorbets in the freezer – and gluten-free cones.

They focus on offering ice creams that tickle all the senses. They make ice cream from fresh ingredients on a daily basis. They use local and seasonal ingredients in their delicious high-quality products.

The café seats ten people indoors and also has outdoor seating. You can of course take your ice cream with you as you walk in Haderslev – along the harbour, by the lake or on the pedestrian high street.

Søster Is is a dynamic enterprise so guests should expect to try different flavours every time they drop in.

If you want ice cream or ice cream gateaux to serve at a party or event, don’t hesitate to contact Søster Is.