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Friday 1 November 2024, at 7.30 PM.

Get ready for some fun and improvisational comedy! When the improvisational comedy and satire group, Specialklassen, visits MCH Herning Congress Center on November 1, 2024, they'll bring along their new comedy show, 'TA-DAAA!' because they believe it's much needed in a world that has become increasingly serious, heavy, and gloomy.

'TA-DAA!' is a show where the barriers are lowered, self-irony and satire are in the spotlight, and those easily offended are shown the door. It's an opportunity to take your husband/wife, friend/nemesis, or your pet by the hand and get out for a good laugh, says Specialklassen, stating:

"How much glitter and Ta-daa is actually left in adult life? Not much... So let's throw some confetti into our everyday lives without everything being so serious."