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St. Restrup Herregaard

St. Restrup Manor House is situated between Nibe and Aalborg and surrounded by a beautiful park and forest. Guests can participate in wine tastings in the wine cellar and buy handicrafts in the shop. 

Open every Saturday 1:00pm – 4:00pm, groups only by appointment.

Accommodation at St. Restrup

In Sønderholm, between Aalborg and Nibe, you will find St. Restrup Slotshotel, sourrounded by idyllic park and forestgrounds. The hotel can accommodate 110 people distributed on 48 cosy rooms. In the adjoining shop and wine cellar, there are wine tastings and possibility to purchase handicraft. 

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The History of St. Restrup Manor House

The manor house was originally called Refstrup after the renowned Viking Ref, who, according to legend, found the house from time immemorial.

The moat was established by Viking Ref from the “gyldenstjerne” (golden star) family, who sailed to the area along the Hasseris river. The present main building was built by Count Chr. Levetzau after the Northern War in 1723 as an elegant example of Jutlandic baroque. Today, it is said that the count is haunting the castle.

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