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Starup Heath

Take your dog on a walk on Starup Heath.

Today, Starup Church lies rather lonely towards the fjord, but approximately 800 years ago, the heath looked very different. Through five excavations since the 1980's, archeologists have found traces after houses and craftsmen activities from the late middle ages (years 1000-1300).

Traces have been found from the workforce building the church, but archaeologists have also found traces from forging, bronze casting and the processing of bones. By far the most common find from the heath is ceramics, but also many nails and a few well-preserved pieces of bronze jewelry has been found.

Today, Starup Heath is a popular excursion point for the locals, and many use the heath to take a walk alone or with their dog to enjoy the nature and the scenic view of Haderslev Fjord.

Today, the hiking trail Camino Haderslev Næs also runs across the heath, as Starup Church is one of the 9 beautiful churches on the trail.

So bring the family and dog, and get prepared for a nice walk with plenty of fresh air and a gorgeous view.