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Staudeengen B&B

Stay in the heart of nature with all the facilities needed for a comfortable stay.

In the beautiful Himmerlandic nature, north of Aalestrup, Staudeengen B&B stands out as an excellent choice. The place is locally renowned for its impressive garden adorned with flowers and aronia bushes.

Staudeengen offers three well-appointed double rooms where you can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep. Additionally, guests have access to shared facilities such as a TV lounge, kitchen, and bathroom.

Experience the tranquility and charm of Staudeengen B&B, where every detail has been carefully selected to meet your needs and create a memorable experience amidst the breathtaking nature.


Experiences nearby

Aalestrup is situated amidst the idyllic Himmerlandic nature, with fjords, forests, and other picturesque areas within easy reach. The Hærvejen is not far away for those looking to explore nature on foot.

The journey can also lead to the protected Hverrestrup Bakker, a fantastic landscape comprising heath, meadows, deciduous forests, and wetlands. Hverrestrup Bakker is a paradise for nature lovers, with the opportunity to see various plant species and wildlife. Bring the family and experience this gem in Himmerland.

Aalestrup is also known as the city of bicycles, and this is no coincidence. In Aalestrup, you'll find the Danish Bicycle Museum, the only one of its kind in the Nordic region. The museum showcases over 200 bicycles, from wooden bikes to modern models. A museum that both children and adults should experience in Himmerland.