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The Stauns Fjord

The unique Stauns Fjord is formed by Besser Rev, which closes the fjord to the east. With just over 5 km, Besser Rev is the country’s longest, dry rock reef. The reef protects the fjord from easterly winds and waves and helps to preserve Stauns Fjord as one of the country’s most excellent breeding and resting area for a large variety of bird species.

Stauns Fjord is a rock-filled shallow area that is intersected by a deep, winding current that requires great local knowledge if you want to sail through it.

Scattered in the fjord are many small grass- and tree-clad islets that the public does not have access to, as they are protected and reserved for the many breeding birds.

Nature lovers, however, have the opportunity to experience the distinctive and beautiful area, through the marked footpaths, around the fjord.

Please note that it is forbidden to enter certain areas of the fjord during the birds’ breeding season (1 April – 15 July).