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Staurby Forest

Room for everyone - including nature

Staurbyskov is designed as a recreational area and activities forest; running, cycling, horseback riding and with special permission: orienteering, role playing, dog training, tree climbing and lots besides. Among other things, the forest features an asphalted bike and running path with a bridle path that lies parallel to it.

Staurbyskov runs parallel to the Lillebælt, out towards Strib.

A 5,6 km mountainbike track running through the forest has been established by local bike unions. 

Orchids in the scope

You can find a flora of trees and plants in the forest. Especially in the early spring, when you wander through the forest, and happen past the lovely lilies of the valley, may lilies and anemones in the forest bed.

The forest is also home to rare orchids that are monitored by Middelfart municipality, which also promotes further growth of the plant. The orchids are protected, which means that removing the orchids is not allowed. 

The forest tracks of history

A trip through Staurbyskov offers burial mounds, a rich animal environment and old earth dikes.

The old earth dikes were historically used to contain plots of land used by the farmers to keep animals or collect firewood. In the 1700's increasing forest covered areas was a big focus, with Denmark having lost a lot of its current and natural forests. The dikes were built to keep the small animals from eating the sprouts. By Staurbyskovvej one of these dikes still exist. The dike is protected by Middelfart municipality.

Additionally, burial mounds up to 4000 years old are found here. In 2016 two completely unknown burial mounds were uncovered on behalf of the local Mette Brorsen, Middelfart municipality and Odense City Museums. The mounds will be excavated to be more accessible by the public. 

See leaflet about Staurby Forest here.