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Stokkeby Gartneri

At Stokkeby Gartneri, you can buy beautiful and personalized bouquets and flower wreaths, composed of flowers grown outdoors and wild plants from the nature of Ærø.

On the farm Pedersminde, on the outskirts of the small picturesque village of Stokkeby, you'll find Stokkeby Gartneri. In the farm's barn, they create fine and very personal bouquets and flower decorations.

The nursery is run by Linda and Tavs, who moved from Berlin to Ærø to fulfill their dream of creating a sustainable business. Together, they cultivate their own flowers outdoors and use plants that grow wild in nature. This approach nurtures their creativity, and beautiful and colorful flower arrangements are created that elegantly reflect each season.

At Stokkeby Gartneri, you can buy beautiful flowers, bouquets, wreaths, and decorations for any occasion. The nursery delivers to both individuals and businesses, either as individual flowers or through a subscription.

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