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Stone setting and petroglyphs in Konabbe Forest

Stone setting, shaped like the outline of a ship. May date back to the Bronze Age or Viking Age.

In Konabbe Skov just east of Skovsgård Estate you will find Langeland's only stone ship. A stone ship is a monument consisting of upright stones set in a figure resembling the outline of a ship. The stone ship in Konabbe Skov consists of rather small stones that protrude only a short distance above the ground. It is located in the direction northeast-southeast-southwest and measures approx. 14 x 6 meters. Its dating is unclear.

In the same forest you can also find a stone with approx. 40 bowl pits or bowl signs: small, round depressions probably made in the Bronze Age. The stone is flat and measures 1 x 1.4 meters. Around the stone there is a stone setting of small stones, in a number of at least 40. The extent of the stone setting is approx. 22 x 8 meters.

None of the ancient monuments have been investigated archaeologically.

(Source: "Fortidsminder på Langeland", Langelands Museum)