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Stoneage Center Ertebølle

Take your family on an exciting journey back to the Stone Age and try your hand at hunting, sailing, and flint knapping like the people of the Stone Age.

Explore the world of the past. Step into the life of more than 6,000 years ago. Fun, challenging, and eye-opening activities for the whole family! Experience the Stone Age with all your senses - up close and personal - in our vast outdoor adventure landscape. Indoors, the exhibition on the Ertebølle period provides a fascinating insight into one of the most exciting eras of the past.

The Stone Age Center Ertebølle is beautifully located by the Limfjord and within walking distance of the world-famous kitchen midden from the hunter-gatherer era.

Set aside a day for a visit and find additional information about experiences, prices, and opening hours on the museum's website.