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Strandhuse Beach

On the south side of Juelsminde, you find a lovely little beach called Strandhuse Beach, also known as Grønbjerggård beach, with both a parking lot and restroom facilities. From the beach, you get a beautiful view of Funen and the bridge Little Belt.

A Lovely Bathing Beach in Juelsminde

There are many kilometres of beach in Juelsminde – indeed, the town is almost entirely surrounded by coastline beach. Most beachgoers head to Storstrand Beach, located right by the harbour with a functioning lifeguard tower. However, on the south side of the town, you find another wonderful beach, which gives you a completely different experience – not least because it faces south, whereas Storstrand Beach and Sandbjerg Vig Beach face east.

Strandhuse Beach is a long sandy beach that follows the entire south side of Juelsminde out to Bjørnsknude. A small part of the beach, on the outskirts of the town, is publicly accessible as a bathing beach — a strip of sandy beach approximately 10-15 meters wide. The beach is bordered by coastal protection structures. There is also a bathing jetty on the beach. Behind the beach, there is a nice, large grass area with picnic tables and benches. Behind the grassy area, there is a paved parking lot with room for many cars. You also find a restroom by the parking lot.

Strandhuse Beach is a hidden gem for many visitors. It is surrounded by summer houses and year-round residences – but is located at a nice distance from the marina where most tourists typically flock together.


A Rose by any other Name…

Grønbjerggård Beach, Kystvej Beach, Bjørnsknude Beach, Sønderstrand Beach — the place we call Strandhuse Beach has been blessed with many names throughout the years.

Strandhuse is a name that ties into the early history of Juelsminde. Klakring Strandhuse was the name of a fishing village, positioned by this beach, with the poorest agricultural land of the area. On the beach, facing Bjørnsknude, were 8 fisherman's houses, all inhabited by fishing families. The houses themselves were owned by the local manor, Palsgaard. In the early 1900s, the fisherman's huts were replaced by nice, affluent summer houses.


Walks on the beach

As mentioned, only a small part of the beach may be used as a public bathing beach. This is because most of the beach is privately owned. All along the way to Bjørnsknude, you see beautiful houses with their own private beach. You are, however, welcome to go for a walk on the beach to Bjørnsknude, as long as you refrain from lingering in front of private property.

The view of Funen and the Little Belt is beautiful, and inland, you can appreciate the many beautiful houses from different periods—of course, with proper respect for privacy. You can also choose to continue your walk on the other side of Bjørnsknude along Storstrand beach to the harbor, if you want to extend the duration of your excursion.


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