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Street Art "Out in the Open" - Case Maclaim - Hobrovej 46

The work, Heart is Aching, can be seen at Hobrovej 46 in Aalborg, and is painted by Case Maclaim.
Cae Maclaim is known worldwide as one of the pioneers in photorealistic wall painting and has created unique works on all continents around the world.

The artist says the following about the gable painting on Hobrovej:

"It's great to be back in Aalborg after having previously made the work 'Carnival is Cancelled' with KIRK Gallery a few years ago in Vejgaard.

It is a beautiful and lovely city and always nice to be here.

With my new gable painting in the city, I also wanted to spread a small reminder to always remember the small joys in everyday life, when other things can be difficult and work hard.

I have therefore with great pleasure used my friend and artist colleague Curtis Hylton as odel, who has also just been here to create a gable painting, with a small smiling reminder on his knee, which might also put a smile on others' faces and remember that Appreciate the small happy things in everyday life.”