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The Sugar Loaf (Sukkertoppen)

In wooded terrain lies one of Denmark’s largest hills; The Sugar Loaf (Sukkertoppen) with a magnificent view of the beautiful nature of the Danish Lakelands. Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings as you climb to the top on one of Denmark’s most challenging climbs.

Perhaps Denmark’s best view

In the area near Horsens by the Danish Lakelands you will find most of Denmark’s highest points. With its 108 meters above sea level, the Sugar Loaf is not one of the highest but the view is difficult to match.

The top of the Sugar Loaf gives a fantastic view of Denmark's only river Gudenåen, Jutland's largest lake Mossø, and the forests near the famous hill The Sky Mountain. The otherwise wooded hill does not have many trees near the top, which makes it possible to see in many directions.


The Sugar Loaf was used by the Vikings

Traces of a fortification from the Viking Age have been found at the Sugar Loaf and it is not hard to imagine that it has been a strategically good place to seek refuge. From here one could see enemies at a long distance.

The qualities that made the Sugar Loaf a strategically good place for Vikings is also what makes it difficult climb it in the 21st Century. The steep sides of the hill are difficult to climb with the stroller and unfortunately not suitable for people with walking difficulties. But if you have no trouble walking, you can put on your hiking boots and follow one of the paths towards the top.


Overlooking experiences from the Sugar Loaf

From the top of the hill you can see some of the exciting experiences in the area around the Sugar Loaf and the river Gudenåen.

At the foot of the Sugar Loaf you will find the monastery mill Klostermølle, which was originally a Benedictine monastery in the Middle Ages. Today there is a large and beautiful building complex, which used to be an active paper mill. Even though paper is no longer being produced, the majestic and magnificent buildings are still there and they make a great picnic spot. You can read more about Klostermølle here.

The Monastery Mill is located at the banks of Lake Mossø, which is among the largest in the country. If you enjoy cycling or hiking, then we recommend a trip around Lake Mossø.

The Sugar Loaf is located on the Gudenå Path Voervadsbro-Emborg, which is a part of the trail, that will eventually follow the entire course of the river Gudenåen.


Parking at the Sugar Loaf

You can park at Klostermølle on Klostermøllevej. Here is also parking for busses.


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