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Sun, sea and beach

Greve has a wide, white beach, extending eight kilometres from the modern harbour of Hundige Havn, which is very attractive to sailors, past the idyllic fishing harbour and to the area around Mosede Fort and Karlslunde Strand. 

Along the entire coastal road, you can find various specialty shops and satisfy your appetite at several excellent restaurants and cafés.

The beach is divided into the areas Hundige Strand, Greve Strand, Mosede Strand and Karlslunde Strand. The water is shallow and there is hardly any current, so the beaches are ideal for families with children. 

Hundige Strand
A nice beach with white sand, dunes and a jetty. The beach has an ice cream shop and a lifeguard tower. The beach is located near the marina style harbour of Hundige Havn which has various delicious restaurants and a kiosk. 

Greve Strand
The wide sandy beach at Greve Strand extends from Mosede to the harbour of Hundige Havn. As far as the eye can see, there are white sand and green areas where you can relax away from the beach. The shallow water is ideal for families with children, and there are jetties and good restaurants along the coastal road. 

Mosede Strand
Mosede Strand is located between the idyllic fishing harbour Mosede Fiskerihavn and Mosede Fort where the harbour area has been renovated and the white beach at Mosede Fort has been widened. 

Karlslunde Strand
Karlslunde Strand extends from Mosede Fort towards the south to the forest Trylleskoven and the boundary to the local authority of Solrød. The beach is completely unspoilt and invites play and cosy moments in the white sand or a fresh swim.