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Sundets Stilhed - Audiowalk

APrt take in the Invisible Theater, walk along the Archipelago Trail while listening to 'The Silence of the Sound'.

”The Silence of the Sound” is dramatized audio storytelling. As an audience member, you'll walk the beautiful route along the scenic setting of the Archipelago Trail from the Maritime Center at the harbor in Svendborg to Brecht's House at Skovsbostrand, while listening to ”The Silence of the Sound” via the BaggårdTeatret app.

In the audio storytelling, you'll encounter the traces of six South Funen authors, all of whom have lived in Svendborg.

First, you'll meet the three contemporary authors Josefine Ottesen, Mikael Josephsen, and Jesper Wung-Sung, after which you'll step into the realm of the deceased, where Karin Michaëlis, Tom Kristensen, and Bertolt Brecht will accompany you.

The performance is about creating your own story, step by step. What is your path in life, and which choices have you made yourself and which have you inherited? Can you see the flight of the seagull? Are you ready to take the first step? Come, let's go!

The tour is 6 km long, and you'll need to take the bus or walk back.