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Sundets Stilhed - Audiowalk

The Silence of the Sound is the first of BaggårdTeatret’s dramatized audio tales. We call this genre Invisible Theater. It is a brand-new way of doing theatre and a new way of telling the cultural history of our region.

You comprise the audience as you follow the route from the Maritime Center in Svendborg harbor to Bertolt Brecht’s house at Number 8, Skovsbostrand. The walk is six kilometers long.

This piece of Invisible Theater will put you on the trail of six writers who live or once lived in Svendborg. You will start by meeting Josefine Ottesen, Mikael Josephsen and Jesper Wung-Sung, three present-day authors. You will then enter the kingdom of the dead, where Karin Michaëlis, Tom Kristensen and Bertolt Brecth will be brought back to life to accompany you on part of your journey.

The show is about Sydfyn as a place of refuge and about finding peace, about finding someplace to let go and to approach the waters of the Sound. It is about using the pen as an escape, and about forging your own history, stride by stride, word by word. What life paths is yours? Which choices did you make by yourself? Which did you really inherit? Are your ready to take the firste stedP Alright the, let’s go!

Suitable from 16 years.

App.: Baggårdteatret