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SuperBrugsen Juelsminde

While on holiday, you can get everything you need in the town's largest grocery shop. Juelsminde's leading grocery shop has a large butcher’s, a delicatessen, a bakery and a kiosk. Service and quality are paramount, so you are always guaranteed a good experience.

Close to urban life

Near the large Juelsminde marina, beach and shopping area, you find SuperBrugsen which offers anything the heart desires. In fact, you do not have to go anywhere else while on holiday. The focus is on being a food market with fresh quality produce and specialised departments.

The butcher’s has a large selection of cut meat and packaged meat for your barbecue.

And in the delicatessen, you find easy dinners, delicious ready meals and packaged cold cuts.

In the bakery, there is a wealth of different Danish cakes and freshly baked bread for breakfast.

And the well-stocked wine section has just the right wine to add the finishing touch to your meal.


Everything you need for your holiday

You can buy all the equipment you need on your holiday in SuperBrugsen. So if you forgot to bring your sunscreen or bath towel, this is where you find it. You can also buy card games or other entertainment for a nice time in your hotel room or holiday home. And barbecue briquettes for cooking on a hot summer evening on the terrace.

In the kiosk, you can get magazines, over-the-counter medicine, tobacco, or anything else you just happen to miss.


Old-fashioned business acumen in a new guise

SuperBrugsen is a classic shop that takes pride in providing you with the best possible service. The skilled and specialised staff are happy to provide advice and guidance on the goods in their section. And if an item is out of stock, it can often be ordered for you.

SuperBrugsen looks forward to welcoming you.