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SuperBrugsen Oksbøl - Bakery

Every day, the baker at SuperBrugsen in Oksbøl sells freshly baked, hand-rolled bread of all kinds and irresistible cakes.

The baker at SuperBrugsen Oksbøl offers everything from breakfast bread and wholemeal bread to sourdough bread and French bread, and in their own pastry shop they serve all kinds of cakes for birthdays, anniversaries or receptions.

The proud and professionally trained bakers and smiling bakery assistants ensure that the selection of bread is optimised and varies according to customer needs. Drop by for a chat and enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread.

SuperBrugsen in Oksbøl also has an inviting café with a cosy atmosphere. Here you can have a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and enjoy a delicious piece of cake with your loved ones.