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Surfspot: Bagenkop

The area north of Bagenkop Harbour in South Langeland is ideal for both kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Kite & Windsurfing
Waves: The area is a deep bay, so you can usually find a good wave direction in relation to the wind direction.
Optimal wind conditions: Southwest, West and Northwest 8-18 m/s

Always start and surf north of the jetty (150 metres up the beach).
When the wind is SW there is a lot of turbulence in the area of the red houses. So if you want to kitesurf, start a little north of the jetty.
If the wind is W or NW, you can start just after the jetty and sail closer to the red houses.

In Ågabet, at the northern end of the beach, the waves tend to be bigger.

Danger: Large rocks at the far northern corner of Ågabet and turbulence in SW winds near the red houses.
Otherwise a very safe beach with no rips or horse holes.
There may be rocks at the northern end, but otherwise the bottom is sandy. No reefs or sandbanks.

Kort over surf i Bagenkop

Bagenkop Harbour has toilets and bathing facilities. In the area there are several eateries, accommodation and grocery shopping. See govisitlangeland.com/bagenkop for more information.