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Surfspot: Strynø

Are you new to kitesurfing or windsurfing? Then the area around Strynø Harbour is perfect for you.

Windsurfing in Strynø Harbour
Optimal wind conditions: Southeast, east or northeast.
Beginners area by the beach is a good place to learn windsurfing.
It also works in westerly winds, but be careful not to drift away from the coast with the wind.

Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter (200 metres away) offers windsurfing board hire and instruction.

Kitesurfing by Strynø Mill

Optimal wind conditions: Southwest, West, Northwest 8-18m/s
On the west side of Strynø, just south of Stynø Mill, there is a suitable launch area in the small bay. The area is quite shallow and ideal for beginners or those wanting to improve their technique. On good days the water is almost flat, but otherwise there is only a little chop.

Danger! There is a rocky reef at the southern end of the bay. It extends far out and has large rocks. There are a few rocks scattered around the bottom of the bay.

Kort over surf ved Strynø

Strynø Harbour
There are public toilets in the harbour. There is also a shower.
Shopping in Strynø town is close by, and Strynø has many options for both accommodation and good restaurants.

The sailing time from Rudkøbing is only 30 minutes and the ferry runs several times a day.