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Surfspot by Westwind North

A clear sandy bottom, the fact that you can bottom up to 800 metres out in the fjord, and the high safety level are the reasons why WestWind North is a paradise for wind and kite surfers on all experience levels. 

A large grassy area is also available for rigging your gear. This spot is located by the roundabout north of Hvide Sande. In the same area you’ll find Kabelpark, where you can go waterskiing and wakeboarding. Kabelpark also has an outdoor café, where you can enjoy delicious foods and watch the wakeboarders perform tricks on the track.

The area at WestWind North is a great place to hang out. When you’ve parked your car in the parking area, you’ll have access to the surf school, great restrooms and showers, the café and the volleyball court.