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Svaneke Havn

Fishing harbour, 30 berths. Outer harbour bets rough during onshore winds. Local boats have right of priority in inner harbour. The harbour gate getween the inner and outer harbours is closed during strong onshore winds. May be entered day and night, allowances being made for wind, current and visibility. Should not be entered during onshore winds. Compass variation occurs, and strong currents coupled with bad visibility can be dangerous. Svaneke Lighthouse is located on Sandkaas Odde and will guide boats in during approach. Steer to the north in the white angle of the harbour light until the harbour's leading lights guide the boat in at 297 degrees. Be careful: If approach is made form due east of the leading lights, boats are led through the skerries at Maageflak SE of the harbour. Approach is prohibited of a black ball is displayed or 3 vertical red lights ar shinning on the mast north of the harbour. The harbour gate to the inner harbour is closed if a fixed white light is shinning under the lower light of the leading lights. The current in the approach channel is rarely important.