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Tandslet Village and Tilting fête

On the 2nd weekend in August the yearly Village and Tilting-at-the-Ring Fête is held on the tilting ground opposite Sydals-Hallen in Tandslet.

The programme 2024

A really exciting day, starting with a parade through the city with tractors, mopeds and bicycles. Thereafter tractor, moped and bicycle tilting-at-the-ring rides will be organised on the square.

There will be a large playland with lots of inflatables, carousel, foam disco and plenty of opportunities for all children to have fun.

Activities in the playland are FREE - There is NO admission to the playland, neither Saturday nor Sunday.

All tickets to the playground are sponsored by Byfesten / Landsbygruppen - Both Saturday and Sunday.

Is characterised by tilting-at-the-ring on horseback. There will be tilting tournament in the gallows from around midday until late afternoon with the conclusion of who wins the title as King of Tandslet Tilting-at-the-ring and thereafter the finals, between the riders, who has won a title as King in one of the other tilting events in Sønderborg Municipality this year. Typical 12-15 riders compete for the title as best tilting rider of the year – the Alssund Champion.

For the hungry, there will be a coffee and cake buffet from 2-4 pm.
There will be 1 piece of cake, pastry, cookies and chocolates, free coffee and tea.
At 3 pm entertainment by Mette Ingwersen. Mette sets the mood with community songs for 1 hour.
Price per person DKK 75.00.

There is of course the opportunity to satisfy both hunger and thirst on the square during the day, where you can buy cold drinks, sausages, French fries etc. There's also something for the sweet tooth.