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Theatre Momentum

Theatre Momentum is an art institution located in the heart of Odense, Denmark. It is a dynamic and innovative theatre that has established itself as an important force in the Danish theatre scene. The theatre was founded in 2005 by a group of dedicated artists with a shared vision of creating unique and experimental theatre experiences. One of Teater Momentum's special characteristics is that they change the artistic leadership every year. The new artistic director assembles his or her team of actors and artists, and together they become the volume of the season. They now have one year and three performances to create their artistic direction, which will create flow and renewal in the performing arts, before they once again shoot out into the Danish theatre landscape with a pink slip in hand.

Teater Momentum is known for its bold approach to the performing arts and for challenging the conventions of the theatre world. With a mix of physical theatre, dance, music and performance art, they create a unique aesthetic that captures the audience's attention and challenges their expectations.