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Thisted Museum (Museet for Thy og Vester Hanherred)

Thisted Museum is in the process of rebuilding.

We expect that in the spring of 2023 we will be able to welcome guests inside a museum that appeals to today's audience.

The narratives of the objects and modern forms of communication

In New Thisted Museum you will experience a house that tells the good stories about Thy - the many years and the main lines - and about the area's contacts with the wide world from the first Stone Age people to today's entrepreneurial culture.

The museum's collections contain more than 100,000 objects, which with great authenticity reflect life in this area.

With the new museum, the focus must be on the stories of the objects, which with the help of modern forms of communication will make the museum's users wise about Thy and the people living here.

At New Thisted Museum you will be able to experience the classic provincial museum in an updated version, where the communication brings the place-bound stories into play and connects the exhibited objects to the magnificent cultural landscape, the area is also known for.

There must be a common thread between the exhibition's Bronze Age sword and the burial mounds, between the story of the market town of Thisted and the physical urban space, just to highlight a few examples.


A living house in town

The new museum will be a living house in the town, and the new access from street level alone will make it much more inviting to make your way around the museum.

A dynamic has been thought into the exhibitions, which ensures timeliness in the dissemination, and many initiatives will be developed in dialogue with different user groups.

There will also be formidable opportunities for the school service's offer for children, as we are planning workshop facilities and outdoor spaces in the fine courtyard behind the house.