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Thorø is a small peninsula of about 125 acres of land. It is located beyond the charming fishing hamlet of Thorøhuse, itself a few kilometres south of Assens.  

Torø is only accessible on foot. You can park at Thorøhuse at the Thorøhuse Forsamlingshus. The footbridge to Thorø is located 15 to 20 metres from the turn in Thorøhuse. 

The peninsula is renowned for its lovely, pristine wildlife. A cross located on the peninsula’s western beach was erected by Harald Plum in 1928, in memory of three skeletons (man, woman and child) found during a pebble excavation. 

Thorø has been privately owned for a number of years, including by the local Plum family. Today it is owned by the Copenhagen Teachers Union which also own three holiday facilities on Thorø. 
Further details about Thorø’s holiday facilities are available here:www.kolonierne.dk/_flat/koloniervest.htm