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Thousand Year Garten

Oak trees thrive in sandy and clay earth and can live where it is wet; it is the sort of wood that lives the longest in our climate, and for the Thousand Year Garden, they chose symbolically an original Jutland species with roots in the history of the region. The oak trees, forming the Thousand Year Garden, are planted 50 meters apart in the lines on a square with the measurements 1x1 kilometers. During the next centuries, the logs will grow up broadly, and the crowns will unfold in the landscape they have created.

The Thousand Year Garden shows future generations in the 3rd millennium, how we relate to nature in 2001 when it was opened. 

To mark the Thousand Year Garden, a "runestone" has been raised with a brief description of the idea of planting. The stone has a time capsule. It contains documentation about the area today: plans and ideas that have made the site look like it does, list of residents / owners in the area and more. In a hundred years, it may be opened and supplemented with new knowledge.