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Tiger Hunt in Juelsminde

Combine up-tempo activity with rich conversation on this family-oriented treasure hunt for 25 tiger sculptures in Juelsminde.

Are there real tigers in Juelsminde?

According to local legends, tigers have always lived in Juelsminde, but you rarely see them roaming around the town — at least, until now. In fact, you find no less than 25 tigers if you look closely next time you visit Juelsminde.

Spread out across the area between Juelsminde harbour, the Brugsen, and the Hotel Juelsminde Strand, you find a series of small, fun tiger sculptures made of stone. These sculptures were created by local artist Dorte Karrebæk and subsequently brought to life by the children's book author Oscar K., who has provided each tiger with its own unique story and personality.


Help the tiger cub Julius find his sister Julia

It’s the tiger cub Julius who has landed himself in quite a pickle! He has completely lost sight of his sister Julia and the rest of his tiger family. Now it’s up to you to track down and catch on their hiding places.

Next to each tiger, you’ll find a QR code for your phone where you can learn all about them. Each of the 25 tigers has a unique personal story, which they are eager to share with all curious children and adults.

Because the tiger family is scattered far and between, you will need a treasure map with the tigers’ locations to help you on your way. You can pick up the treasure map at Galleri 7130, Titra Dekor, or Buchs Boghandel. You can start the hunt wherever you like—the order in which you locate the tigers doesn’t matter.


Art and culture for children

The tiger hunt not only encourages activity and play, but also pushes towards rich, imaginative conversation as the whole family engages culture at a children's level. It is a treasure trove of unique, meaningful conversation starters between children and adults — something that 

It has been a wish of the artists behind the 25 sculptures to open up a meaningful dialogue between children and parents about life’s big themes such as life and death—making them accessible for all ages.


A prize for the top hunters

If you find more than 10 of the missing tigers, you become the proud owner of a tiger badge. All you need to do is note down the tigers' names on your treasure map and return it to the place where you collected it—either Galleri 7130, Titra Dekor, or Buchs Boghandel.

At the end of your hunt, you also have the opportunity of purchasing a specially designed art poster with Julius the tiger cub, to hang on your wall at home.


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If, on the other hand, you feel the need to slow down after an afternoon of hunting tigers, you can settle in at one of Juelsminde's cozy eateries or ice cream parlors on the waterfront – or challenge each other to a game of relaxing minigolf at Juelsminde's 18-hole course.