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Toboggan runs in Aarhus

In Aarhus there are lots of hills which, when covered in snow, are transformed into gorgeous toboggan runs. So now you can make your visit even better with a few rides down the best toboggan runs in town.

Moesgaard Museum

This is the newest toboggan run in Aarhus. Try blasting down the long slanting roof of Moesgaard Museum when the snow is fresh and ripe. As part of the design of the new museum, the roof is intended for the use of snow-loving children of all ages. It's a unique experience which you can combine with a visit to the wonderfully impressive Moesgaard Museum.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are wonderful all year round. The hills in the park are regularly frequented by tobbogan aficionados of all ages, and the gardens are spacious enough for all. The 'Den Gamle By' (the Old Town) is right next to the Botanical Gardens, perfect for combining your tobbogan ride with a unique journey back in history.

Marselisborg Memorial Park

In the Memorial Park the toboggan runs are long and terrific fun. In the park there is also an activity park, and if you are dreaming that you are a prince or princess, then the Marselisborg Palace is right across the road and you are welcome to enter the palace garden. If the Queen and her Royal Family are in residence at the Palace, then you can see the Changing of the Guards every day at 12 o'clock.

University Park

Located near the Botanical Gardens, the University Park also has lots of hills in a beautiful setting. If the weather turns unpleasant, there is warmth and lots to see and do in the nearby museums, the Natural History Museum, the Steno Museum for the History of Science and Medicine, or the Museum of Ancient Art.

The Devil's Hill in Risskov

By the "Dronning Margrethes Vej" road in Risskov you can go high-speed tobogganing. That's why it's called the Devil's Hill. You can be sure to have lots of fun, with spine-chilling and screaming-out-loud excitement when you go whooshing down the hill.

Icy challenges at the indoor and outdoor skating rink

If there's no snow, you can still enjoy a wintry setting at the Aarhus Indoor Skating Rink and test your skills on the ice. It is open every day during the school winter holiday, with great fun for both adults and children.

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