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Toftegaard Økologi

Welcome to Toftegaard Økologi - a small, family-run organic farm with a cosy farm shop. Toftegaard's main production includes eggs and various types of meat, including lamb, beef, pork and some poultry. Toftegaard also grows a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables.

Toftegaard has a strict focus on animal welfare and natural wildlife. Their animals are raised free-range, which allows them to live freely and naturally. For example, their 350 hens live in a mobile chicken coop that they move around the field so they always have access to fresh grass. Toftegaard's happy pigs grow up in the Lønnehede field, where they are allowed to roam and dig their noses in the dirt - just the way pigs like it.

When you shop at Toftegaard Økologi, you are welcome to get up close to the animals and see how they live. We are happy to open the doors to the stables and invite you out into the fields. Toftegaard Økologi values bringing the consumer closer to the animals and agriculture, so that the experience from farm to fork is complete.

Toftegaard Økologi looks forward to welcoming you and sharing its passion for organic farming and sustainable production with you.