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Toftum Bjerge - Angling

A nice sandbank coat where you can catch seatrout and garfish.

Toftum bjerge consist of a sandbank coast with rock, mussel- and seaweed banks near the shore. There are indentations along the stretch that can hold fish. The 4-meter curve is closer to the land here than most other places on the bank.

The stretch encourages machinery fishing with long throws towards the horizon, but pay attention to small variations along the coastline. Toftum bjerge are sensitive to winds from the south- and northwest.

Seatrout season is from March-November and garfish are from May-June.

Remember the angler fishing license!

Via road 565 (Humlum-Lemvig) towards Lemvig. After Humlum turn right at Toftum Bjerge.