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Tollundgaard Put and Take

Tollundgaard Put-and-Take is one of Denmark’s oldest angling lakes. The angling lake was opened in 1982 in the existing Lake Tollund sø. The lake has since been expanded to around 60,000 m². The lake’s long history as an angling lake means that the vegetation has had time to grow up around it and today it is fringed by woodland, which provides shelter. The lake contains: many different species of trout, carp and eel, abundant bird life and fauna. High priority is given to the maintenance of the lake, ensuring that vegetation is left, retaining areas where the birds and fish are not disturbed. The aim is to have a fishing lake which meets the different ability levels of all guests. So around the lake there are places where it is easy to fish and other places where it is more difficult, and sometimes waders are required.