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The town Allingåbro

Allingåbro – canoeing, shopping and having fun at the cycle trolleys

The old town with a railway station, Allingåbro, still has a bustling life around the old station. In addition to the station activities which include cycle trolley and canoe rental, there is an automobile museum in the old warehouse next to the station. The town’s former hotel was in 2010 fully renovated not as a hotel but as a B&B and facilities to serve as the village hall of Allingåbro and surroundings.

The town of Allingåbro remains one of the area’s key service centres with a busy business life which includes a few major supermarkets, financial institutions, many speciality stores with a wide selection of goods and parking just outside the shops, etc. On the outskirts of Allingåbro is Norddjurs Golfklub with one of the best 18 hole courses on Djursland as well as Urtegaarden, a cosy shop selling natural cosmetic products and organic sweets. You can also learn how to make your own creams, pomades and body oils, sweets, marshmallows, liquorice, etc. – things you can enjoy making in a cottage kitchen!