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Toy Museum Nykøbing F.

Welcome to the Toy Museum in Nykøbing Falster - the cosy museum for the whole family where imagination runs wild! Step into a world of magic and nostalgia where generations unite through play and joy.

The Toy Museum in Nykøbing Falster is a place where time stands still, where the story of children's play through time unfolds in an extensive collection of toys from 1840 to the 1970s. Step into a world of dolls, doll carriages, teddy bears, model trains, cars, tin soldiers and much more - a true treasure trove of play and a piece of cultural history.

Our exhibitions offer a unique journey through the history of toys, where you can explore toys from Danish prisons, produced under the name "Dansk Legetøjsfabrik" (Danish Toy Factory) from 1905 to the mid-70s. Also discover the early Lego and other fascinating productions that have shaped children's play universe over the decades.

The Toy Museum does not only exhibit toys, but also an impressive collection of children's clothes, dress-up clothes and outdoor toys such as sledges and bicycles. Explore the world of children through time and create memories with your own family as you explore the past and rediscover the magic of play at the Toy Museum in Nykøbing Falster.

The museum is usually open on the first Saturday of every month, but special openings can be arranged by contacting us.

While visiting the museum, we suggest you pay a visit to the old mill next door.